Meet Andrea

Business Strategist & Social Media Expert


With over 10 years experience in sales & 8 year specializing in Social Media, I am here for you! 

I am classically trained, with real world experience that together create a perfect mix of experience. Business is not a one size fits all box & neither is our partnership. 

My clients walk away not only with a concrete strategy but with the new found knowledge of how to KEEP it going! Being able to maintain, grow & remain ahead of the trends is what we will achieve together. 

My programs are called 'Partnerships' because I believe that your success resides in the ability to pool our collective knowledge. You only get what you put in & through my Partnership Programs you will find yourself in good company. 

From the largest of companies to a mom & pop shop creating a strategy in which YOU thrive is the goal. It's time to step into what actually can be. 

Andrea lives in Texas (For Now /Army Family) with her husband, 2 kiddos!